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A unique opportunity to spend a fun and relaxing day in the mountains among rediscovered flavours, with your best friends ever.

Sneakers, sunglasses, a wine glass and lots of good mood: this is the equipment you need to take part in the great hiking-culinary festivals of the Upper Susa Valley.

The long journey in tradition culture of Slurp! and walk continues. Also this year, for the eleventh time, two easy routes of about 10 km to travel in the deep silence of the mountain, broken only by the festive voicing of the participants, fascinated by the landscapes that at every step open to sight.
Famiglie Slurp! and walk

The little difference in altitude, makes the day at the reach of everyone, including families with children, for a unique experience, absolutely not to be missed!

Amici Slurp! and walk

Cheerfulness and lightheartedness. Wear your best smile and get ready to experience a day full of taste and fun with your best friends.

Cani Slurp! and walk

Even your faithful four-legged friends will be able to spend a pleasant day outdoors with you, in compliance with the regulations and with respect for the other participants.

Slurp! and walk

Passion for the mountains, love for the land, indissoluble ties with one's roots.

Confident that the idea of valorising a territory cannot ignore its gastronomic traditions, we have therefore devised a journey of taste, a great invitation to a collective lunch on the most panoramic paths of the Susa and Chisone valleys.

An event that arises from the need to build a "bridge" between the new generations and the ancient culinary traditions of the area. There will be no shortage of modern and avant-garde influences.

Among typical dishes and culinary secrets, taking part in the great "Sunday lunch" (Saturday in Sestriere) is a bit like leafing through a collective album of memories, a family story which is also, above all, that of an entire cultural landscape, to be rediscovered and told together.

The values of Slurp! and walk, however, go further, focusing on a great goal: eco-sustainability.


Bardonecchia Slurp! and walk
Bardonecchia, Sunday 30 July 2023

A journey of taste between broad-leaved woods and coniferous forests, but also flowery meadows and incredible panoramas between refuges and mountain pastures, where you can taste the delicacies of the area.

Sestriere Slurp! and walk
Sestriere, Saturday 19 August 2023

A real dive into nature in the presence of majestic peaks and breathtaking landscapes, where even taste and smell find peace of mind. Impossible to resist!

Triumph of colors and flavours on the paths of Bardonecchia

Sunday 30 July, don't miss the first of the two tastiest summer events in the Upper Susa Valley, a unique opportunity to spend a fun and relaxing day in the mountains, savoring an accurate selection of typical local flavours.

There are about 8 kilometers (165 m D+) to cover in the profound silence of the mountain, broken only by the joyful shouts of the participants, a real dive into nature in the presence of majestic peaks and breathtaking landscapes.

Welcome Cocktail  12

Crispy polenta with fondue 1, 12

Roc Maol, Ametlier, Bussoleno

Alfieri pasta au gratin with toma cheese fondue, nettle and lemon zest  1, 3, 7

Roca Furà, Agrinova, Susa 

Beck of beer glazed pork 1, 12

Sübrich Barricato, Ametlier, Bussoleno

The cheese board 7

Barbabuc, Agrinova, Susa 

Alpine dessert 1, 3, 7, 8
of the Ugetti pastry shop

Caffè e Amari della Valle di Susa

Slurp! and walk

Registration for the appointment in Bardonecchia is now CLOSED but you can register for the one in Sestriere

In Sestriere, a journey through tradition for over 10 years!

Slurp! and walk, the great journey into the food and wine culture and tradition of Piedmont, will be held this year on Saturday 19 August in Sestriere.

Reinterpretation of tradition, experiments and atypical combinations, polenta from the stone mill, cheeses and yet another unmissable tart. A set of perfumes, colors and flavors accompanied by the best selection of wines, exclusively from the Susa Valley.

About 9 kilometers (100 m D+) to be covered in the profound silence of the mountain, broken only by the joyful shouts of the participants, a real dive into nature in the presence of majestic peaks and breathtaking landscapes.

Welcome cocktail  12

Knife-edged Fassone beef tartare with alpine toma cheese fondue and water-ironed bread sticks 1, 7

Roc Maol, Ametlier, Bussoleno

Traditional agnolotti del plin with roast sauce 1, 3, 9

Sübrich Barrique, Ametlier, Bussoleno

Freshly prepared Fior di latte mozzarella from Cuneo, roast beef from Piedmontese blonde and its soused seasonal vegetables 5, 12

Geneppà, top-fermented and low-alcohol beer flavored with genepì flower

The Alpine cheese board 7

Barbabuc, Agrinova, Susa

Black shortcrust pastry, diced pears and white almond frangipane, chocolate chips  1, 3, 7, 8

Vergnano Coffee and Susa Valley Amari

Slurp! and walk

Registrations for the appointment in Sestriere are OPEN

Buy your tickets now for the tastiest summer events in the Upper Susa Valley and save money if you take part in both events!

Click the button and wait for the Eventbrite signup screen to load.

Registration closes at 11.30pm on the Thursday preceding the event.
A 10,00 € automatic surcharge will be applied for registrations received after the Thursday deadline (subject to availability).

List of allergens

1. Cereals containing gluten (wheat, spelt, khorasan wheat, rye, barley, oats); 2. Crustaceans; 3 eggs; 4. Fish; 5. Peanuts; 6. Soy; 7. Milk and milk products (including lactose); 8. Nuts (almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, cashew nuts, pecans, Brazil nuts, pistachios, macadamia nuts, or Queensland nuts); 9. Celery; 10. Mustard; 11. Sesame seeds; 12. Sulfur dioxide and sulphites (if in concentrations higher than 10 mg/kg or 10 mg/litre); 13. Lupins; 14. Molluscs

The menu may undergo changes without notice, based on the availability of raw materials.

Institutional Partners

Torino Metropoli


Slurp! and walk
Slurp! and walk
Slurp! and walk
Slurp! and walk
Slurp! and walk
Slurp! and walk
Slurp! and walk
Slurp! and walk
Slurp! and walk
Slurp! and walk


Slurp! and walk is a real itinerant lunch, from aperitif to dessert, through appetizers, first courses, second courses and cheeses. Each course is accompanied by a different wine.

Of course yes!
Tell us, at the time of registration, your allergy and we will organize our kitchens in the best possible way so that you can participate in complete safety.

Unfortunately, for logistical reasons, it is not possible for us to differentiate the menu for the needs of each individual participant.

Both itineraries are within everyone's reach. It should be remembered that the two days will take place at altitudes above 1200 m, on dirt roads and mountain paths. In the case of Sestriere, the entire route is located at an altitude above 2000 m.

The day will take place entirely in the company of the Environmental Excursion Guides of the Metropolitan City of Turin who will accompany the participants along the way.

Both days take place in Alpine territories. Participation with open shoes or smooth soles will therefore not be permitted. Provide a backpack with water bottle, sweatshirt and k-way just in case.

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